Fund Raising

Fundraising for your special cause ***** LogoRoma® Air Freshener Fundraising

Customize LogoRoma® Air Fresheners with your organization’s name, colors, mascot, logo, sport, club, activity or event! Raise money for awareness, medical support, team equipment, uniforms, band, class trips, your cause, and more.

Give customized LogoRoma® air fresheners out for rewards. Sell your LogoRoma® sports teams and band air fresheners in your school stores! Sell your LogoRoma® special cause air fresheners door-to-door, to the members of your organization, or out in front of the local retail store.


Air Freshener cost: 1,000 @ $1.00 each = $1,000. *

Sell @ $3.00 each = 200 % Profit of $2,000
Sell @ $4.00 each = 300 % Profit of $3,000
Sell @ $5.00 each = 400 % Profit of $4,000

* Minimum order quantity = 125 air fresheners @ $1.50 each. Total minimum investment = $187.50.

The Price includes custom air freshener, your choice of standard shape, your choice of standard fragrance, your choice of standard string color, and plastic packaging. (A full back header card is available for only 17 cents per unit).

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