About Us

LogoRoma, LLC is a wholesale supplier of Customized Car Air Fresheners under the Registered Trademark: LogoRoma®.

Our air fresheners can be customized in many shapes, sizes, fragrances, colors, and images; and are used for advertising, promotion, fundraising, souvenirs, and personal enjoyment. We recognize that companies and organizations want inexpensive, yet highly effective advertising and promotion opportunities. Contact Us
Here are some great ideas for uses of our customized LogoRoma air fresheners:

Athletic/Sporting Events, Tournaments & Games; Team pictures
Golf, tennis…and the list goes on. Get rid of the stale, overused memorabilia and replace it with a refreshingly different souvenir everyone will want.

Fundraising, Charities & Religious Institutions
Charities and churches use their custom air fresheners with an inspirational message for members, fundraising and gifts. Air fresheners are a profitable fundraiser, and people want to show their affiliations.

Promotional Handouts
Car shows, gun shows, and big events… Your potential clients will long remember your company, your brand, your organization each time they drive in their cars.

Weddings & Parties
Make your party favors memorable with personalized air fresheners. Match the fragrance to your wedding flowers. Your friends will long remember your special day.

Political Campaigns
Political parties and individual politicians take advantage of our air fresheners as a refreshing way to publicize their campaigns. Put your name, logo and party where it will create a positive impression. Pens, buttons and key chains will go in a drawer never to be seen again. An air freshener will hang in a car, or office, or home long after the buttons have been discarded. Your supporters love them. Who knows, maybe your air freshener’s “sweet smell of success” will bring just that!

Give them to your party-goers and mail them to your friends. A special way to make the big day FUN!

New Arrivals!
Proud parents and grandparents want family and friends to see the new baby. Do something different, and give them a sweet-smelling air freshener with a photo of your little one.

Give a great gift! Customize air fresheners for a special occasion, a unique “Thank You,” or promote a club or organization you belong to. The possibilities are endless.

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