Promote your...

Business, Product or Service

Whenever and wherever your customers drive, your business is being promoted. They will love the fragrance and associate that with your business each time they get in their car.

As low as $0.90 cents per unit. Prices vary by quantity

Fundraising With

Customized Air Fresheners

Generate cash for your organization with beautiful, high quality, reasonably-priced LogoRoma air fresheners, customized with your logo, image and/or information. Simply upload your file(s), select a fragrance, a standard shape, string color, and quantity.


Take the golf course with you...

As low as $0.90 cents per unit. Prices vary by quantity.

with Customized LogoRoma Air Fresheners

If you can't be on the course, take it with you wherever you go. Select a spectacular scene from one the many popular golf courses in the country (or upload your own). Add a fragrant Pine scent (or any other LogoRoma ® fragrance).